Kaden Gilbert November 21, 2018

Aerolíneas Argentinas suspended 376 employees on Tuesday. It was by abandonment of tasks or retention of the same, during the measures of force that paralyzed more than 200 flights on November 8, according to official sources. At the same time, the United Aeronautics Unions informed that on Wednesday they are preparing new protests that would complicate operations at Aeroparque and other airports.

The pilot guilds (APLA and UALA), as well as the ground personnel grouped in the Association of the Aeronautical Personnel (APA), the technicians of APTA and the Union of the Superior Personnel (UPSA) had summoned to an assembly as of the 7 on the morning of Thursday, November 8. This was transformed into a force measure of 11 hours. Because of this measure of force, Aerolíneas had to cancel 258 flights, affecting more than 30,000 passengers.

The suspensions were communicated this Tuesday by telegram. They are between 10 and 15 days, depending on the level of service impact. “The longest penalties correspond to those who abandoned work,” the company reported. During this period, the employee does not receive the corresponding salary. They will be carried out in a phased manner so as not to affect the operation of the company.

The suspended employees are from the areas of Traffic (counters), contact center, ramp, maintenance and pilots. The only sector that was left out are crew members on board (previously called hostesses), because that day they did not participate in the assembly. The crew made assemblies on Friday 2 and Friday 16, in both cases more limited in time and with a minor impact on the operation, as described by Airlines.

“That the number of sanctioned is 376 does not imply that there have been more who refused to work that day: they are those in which it was possible to verify their absence or retention of tasks, with documentary evidence generated by inspectors and / or write us, “they added from the state airline.

And clarified: “Apart from these suspensions, the company will discount the hours not worked to all those who participated in the assemblies, as it has done on other occasions.”

The suspensions will be added to the files already opened in Work. “Being a disciplinary sanction, the company does not require prior authorization from the labor authority for its application,” they said in Aerolineas Argentinas.

The areas where more people are sanctioned are Contact Center and Traffic, “which are precisely those who should be attending to passengers, who for that absence could not access information about what would happen to their flights,” they said in the company.

“The sanctions were notified almost two weeks after the measure of force was made because it was verifying the information released by the inspectors and notaries,” according to the company.

At the same time, the aeronautical unions APTA, APA, UPSA, UALA and APLA announced the resumption of the measures of force “as a result of the breach by the Company of the payment of the inflationary compensatory clause (clause trigger), corresponding to the month of September, “according to a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

“We report the continuity of the fight plan adopted, there is a stagnation evidenced in the salary negotiation of the AR / AU group (Aerolíneas y Austral) for the 2018/19 period.The aeronautical unions will carry forward a plan of struggle in which they will adopt measures of direct action with affectation of activities and assemblies in jobs in pursuit of the regularization of this problem “, they highlighted.

This Wednesday they will hold a press conference at Aeroparque at 7 in the morning.

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